The LPS Way

Our process for onboarding new clients has been proven and refined with the launch of literally hundreds of clients in the past. We work closely with the client to ensure a successful start to our partnership.

Since 1987 Logistics Planning Services has been delivering savings as your vested logistics partner. We execute for you using a three step process:

Establish Your Freight Benchmark

LPS will calculate your company’s freight volumes and expenses relative to Sales or COGS.

LPS will track this benchmark to ensure savings are being maximized and maintained.

LPS will measure your average rate per/pound and per/mile vs. historical results, spot market results and industry standards.

Implement Immediate Freight Savings

Buying Power
LPS Customers can save an average of 15% – 45% by leveraging LPS volume based discounts.

LPS has negotiated competitive fixed pricing for your high-volume lanes.

Technology Advantage
Your custom web-based MyLPS system shows you the best carrier options for all modes and lanes.

The MyLPS system features a competitve bidding tool for spot-market loads.

Accessorial Discounts
You can leverage LPS’ established fuel surcharge discounts

LPS offers reduced insurance costs for high value shipments.

Comprehensive Ongoing Freight Savings

Compliance Savings
LPS provides you with freight compliance reports to confirm the best price carriers are being utilized.

LPS provides PO reports to monitor inbound shipping compliance.

Modal Conversion Savings
LPS consolidation to Truckload
– Truckload conversion to Intermodal
– You reduce Expedited shipments

Freight Payment & Audit Savings
LPS freight payment service saves you the internal costs of as much as $10 per invoice if you pay the invoice.

Our proven system eliminates duplicates and corrects mis-priced invoices
You receive this service at no charge, and you receive 100% of the audited savings

You’ll leverage cash cycle savings from improved net-payment terms

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