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Intermodal shipping service from LPS offers you the door-to-door convenience of truckload shipping, plus the long-haul economy of shipping by train. When you need to ship standard dry freight 750+ miles, intermodal shipping drives consistency, fuel savings, cargo security and reduced emissions into your supply chain.

Why Intermodal Transportation?

Intermodal shipping uses a combination of modes to get your shipment to its destination – usually truck-rail-truck.  Shippers who use intermodal benefit from:


Reduce Emissions & Fuel Savings

Shipping by rail burns less fuel than shipping by truck. One rail shipment can save 100 thousand gallons of diesel fuel.



Intermodal loads going 750+ miles usually have a lower cost per pound than over the road shipping.



Driver shortages and tighter safety regulations can impact the reliability of truckload shipping capacity. Intermodal shipping reduces the impact that driver shortage and hours-of-service regulations have on your shipments.

A Better Intermodal Shipping Experience

Best-in-Class Carrier Network

Every intermodal and drayage provider must pass a 9-point qualification process to ensure your freight is handled by the best in the business.

Dedicated Account Team

Every shipper has a dedicated account team to manage your shipments. You’ll never get lost in a call center.

Real-Time Tracking

Gain visibility into the location of your shipments at any time.

All-in-One Web Based TMS

Manage all your freight, from rates to payment, with our no-cost, customizable web-based TMS.

Loss & Damage Claim Management

In the rare case you need to file a claim, we’ll manage it on your behalf.

Freight Bill Audit Service

Every invoice is audited by LPS for accuracy prior to you receiving the bill.

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